Penny Slot Machines – Advantages & Features

Considering that it only costs a penny, many players will incorrectly assume that as a result of its low cost; penny slot machines don’t offer large payouts. This assumption could not be further from the truth. Penny slots provide players the same excitement that can be found in other slot offerings. Don’t be fooled by the name; penny slot machines provide players with lucrative casino-style entertainment.

First Deposit Bonus
3000$ 150% match bonus, wager: 40
1500$ 200% match bonus, wager: 30

Why people gamble penny slots

If players doubt the lucrative possibilities associated with playing such software, then one needs to consider a gentleman who hails from the great state of Nevada. This player of penny slot machines walked away with over $18 million (yes-MILLION) from gambling Penny Megabucks. Granted, not everyone is going to walk away for a penny slot a millionaire. But this is pretty clear evidence that there are huge paydays available by playing penny slot machines.

In fact, players will find that those venues, especially online venues, who offer a progressive jackpot; are some of the best places to play penny slot machines. The primary reason for this is that this allows players to enjoy penny slot machines without having to play all the paylines and still be eligible for large payouts.

Ordinarily, a player will be required by the casino to play all available paylines in order to have a chance to qualify and win the huge payouts. This can become quite expensive for players. However, with progressive jackpots, players need only be playing in order to have a chance at the prize.

Besides progressive jackpots, most penny slot machines offer great payout packages in their own right. Assuming players are willing to wager the maximum paylines, these prizes are available. For those players who are managing their budget a little tighter, penny slot machines still offer nice payouts; just at a much lower value. Regardless of a player’s wagering inclinations, penny slot machines offer a great deal of gaming excitement for players.

This fact is especially true with online gambling. If players are interested in increasing the odds of walking away from penny slot machines a winner, then online play is a must. Online payout percentages are about 5% higher than what players can find at live action venues (95% online v. 90% live). The general reason for the disparity has to do with costs.
Live venues have to maintain:

  • Property
  • Equipment
  • Machines
  • Staff

All of these various cost will be passed on to players. Online venues do not have similar operating expenses, and therefore have much more fiscal flexibility. This, of course, is to the players benefit.

Penny slot machines provide players with lucrative payday opportunities. These games may be incredibly affordable, but they are far from being cheap slotting knockoffs. Players only need to consider some of the huge payouts that other fortunate players have walked away with from playing penny slot machines. Penny slot machines are every bit as exciting as other slot offerings, with the added wagering affordability, that makes these games a player favorite. If you haven’t tried playing penny slot machines, you are missing out on great slotting entertainment.