Which casinos can be trusted with your money

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Looking for a good online casino? Lately there has been a huge increase in the amount of online casinos. With the development of technology there have been more and more opportunities to protect investments, casinos are becoming more and more safe and secure, and more and more people are attracted to playing in casinos, be it for fun or real money.

Land-based casinos are equipped with increasing amounts of sophisticated software to prevent fraud. Online casinos in 2017 are being licensed plus reviews on the Internet cannot be monitored and edited, which means there is a sort of independent press for online casinos in case you want to check their reputation.

What online casinos in 2017 are all about

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Moreover, with the appearance of governing bodies (described below) online casino play is becoming a less and less of a gray area in terms of the law and can be relied upon more and more. Below we go through all the legal complexities of gambling online and uncomplicated them, and also provide a list of reviewed, monitored and checked casinos which are ultimately safe to go to for a variety of reasons.

Why choose online gambling?

The emergence of more and more safety and security measure online banking and online gambling is becoming a safe place to invest, whether that means buying shares or playing for large sums of money. Most casinos these days are Visa- and Paypal-compatible, care very much for their reputation and offer things like a money return policy that would in the old days just get a laugh. Or, in case of The English, a very reserved hint of a smile.

While land-based casinos are fairly straightforward, unfortunately, a few online casinos have been noted to change their code to make sure people don’t win or make it impossible to get their money out. For that reason it’s very important to know who can be trusted.
So…stay safe, look for an ID and make sentient choices.

Introducing our partners

A blubber from the whales of online casino world:

32Red Casino specializes in hefty bonuses from  £10 to  £50, pays out quickly and responsibly and even offers a very straightforward website with easy-to play games. I have secured a firm A for this casino in terms of value for money, which is why it made its way to the top of this review. “Here’s to many more withdrawals!” – As the support team puts it to a feverishly happy customer leaving his review on the website.

Betway needs no introductions, but just in case you live on an island in the Mediterranean, off the grid, and the most advanced piece of technology you have is a shovel (in which case you’re probably the smartest person in the world):

Betway is one of the most reputable and respected casinos on the Net. It has been around for some time (more than 10 years ago, in fact, 15 to be precise), is (before you ask) a licensed business (in Malta) and has websites translated into 15 languages of the world (another comment in brackets just to make you stop and look).

It is now, according to reviews, a “leading powerhouse in the industry” and one of the leaders of the European market.

Online casino licences

There is absolutely no way you should trust anyone without a license when you play in an online casino in the UK, never mind making deposits at casinos you don’t know. Licensing means a casino takes itself and, more importantly, its clients, seriously.

In order to make sure that any casino you engage with is legitimate, use governing bodies – organisations that have been established entirely for the purpose of checking casino integrity and taking action on conmen.

Gambling Commission states that it has fined businesses “£300,000 for misleading advertising” and indeed shows a lot of resolve for pursuing misdemeanors of many manners when it comes to taking people’s money. I can’t emphasize it enough: always check and make sure you use a reputable source. One way of checking that is making sure that the authorities on the business know who you’re dealing with and are ready to protect you if necessary.

GC’s sole purpose, for which it has been established, is to “license and regulate the people and businesses that provide gambling in Great Britain including the National Lottery.” The UK, fortunately, has a very apt and precise legal system, which has been in action for quite a while and rarely misses anything, so in 2005, with the passing of The Gambling Act this solid organization has been created that regulates everything to do with gambling, including The National Lottery. GC controls licensing and legality of the UK online casino industry gambling industry, checks that gambling businesses conform strictly to the rules of fair play and are completely see-through about the way they make their decisions and work with customers and organizations. There is more on the website (because there is much more to be discussed, which is not a subject of this article, although there should probably be a separate one on this subject). And, just in case, to finally settle any possible dispute, all forms of gambling have been allowed by gambling laws in The UK since 1960.

Just in case you wanted to know, the first form of gambling software that worked was manufactured by MicroGaming, which led to an emergence of the first online casino in 1994. 1996 saw the creation of Kahnawake Gaming Commission, which looks out for our Canadian toque-wearing friends much in the same way as GC works in the UK.

We only work with the top of the list

Microgaming is an absolutely gorgeous, Avatar-themed private dreaming universe whose earthly headquarters are based on the Isle of Man. It really is an empire, the first of its kind, and it consists of quite a few well-known names in the business, including the aforementioned 32Red. You may have heard stories. Everyone did. Of a guy taking away nearly six and a half million dollars after betting only 25p in 2009. When it comes to UK online casino games, The House always wins, huh?

In 2015 Jonathan Heywood, a UK resident and a customer of Betway, won €17,879,645, which set a new record. MicroGaming also does virtual reality sets with Oculus Rift Technology. It is based on The Isle of Man and is in fact a secret laboratory, which is privately owned and protected from trespassers of any kind. Is anyone thinking Halo?

Netent, which stands, you guessed it correctly, for Net Entertainment, is the top provider of online casino gaming operators (or so they say). They have led the field in the industry for nearly 20 years, have included a few pretty impressive technologies, and expanded on the market with alarming speed. IN 2014 the system proudly presents “over 21.4 billion gaming transactions” with only 700 employees, and it serves over 100 of the world’s most prominent operators.

Payouts policy

All the casinos that we work with are 100% reliable in that they all have a license and regularly and promptly conduct payouts, so you have nothing to worry about.
Below are a few Frequently Asked Questions I thought you may want to ask – and before you do – the answer is here already.

Exclusive Bonus Offers for UK Players

The UK is well-off and bountiful, which means that this is a country to go for online casino UK free bonuses. Here are a few examples on the market right now:

  • £1500 Premium Player Package (Code: Welcome1), £30 PayPal Reward (Code: paypal30) at 888casino.
  • £300 High Roller Deal, £25 for Live Games at William Hill
  • Slots Bonus 150% up to £300, for Table Games 100% up to £250 at 32Red

As always, we when you play online casinos in UK emphasize that you very carefully look through Wagering Requirements to make sure they’re not too high, always go through all of the T+C (Terms and Conditions), and budget your money responsibly when you gamble and know when to stop and walk away.

Reminder: betting everything in one go?…Never a good idea. Unless there was a way to somehow rig the game. Which there is not, because all casinos are equipped with colossal amount of very expensive equipment, which prevents fraud. Moreover, it’s morally wrong too, of course.

How to Choose a top UK online casino site?

Before anything, make sure you pick a site like ours that has actually done all the legwork for you and presented the condensed and verified UK online casino lists of information on reputable casinos that hold a license and have good reviews.

Never deposit money in a casino you’re not sure about and/or haven’t come across before, and, with a head-spinning choice of providers who accept players from the UK, it’s really best to stick to names you know. Again, Betway and 32Red have been time-tested, and, if you’re looking fore something fantastic as well as trustworthy, turn to MicroGaming and NetEnt. Check with our list and see if any familiar names pop up, all ready to serve and protect.

How we choose our casinos

We are very proud to present a selection of UK online casino sites that have complied with the rules of a governing body that safeguards players’ experience, been reviewed, checked and monitored to make sure they have licenses, pay out all the winnings and basically behave.
If they don’t, consequentially they are in trouble.